ERP Systems in the Micro Enterprise business sector. Paper 1 of 3.

Sourcing an ERP solution for a Micro Enterprise:


Author: InetKhaya

I last studied to be a commercial pilot with an instrument and instructors rating as I have a passion for flying. I have always worked in computers. In the 90's I worked as a systems developer in my own software house developing ERP systems. I sold that business and moved from Johannesburg to a tiny place called St Francis Bay in South Africa where there was no requirement for software developers. After A+, N+ and MCDST. I opened an Internet Cafe, a computer shop and a wireless service for the area which I enjoyed for 20 years. I have just sold that business and am looking forward to learning the latest developments in IS and IT. I run, swim, canoe, walk my dogs and love travelling. My last trip was a cruise around Cape Horn. I met lovely people in various places in South America. Looking forward to learning and collaborating with you all.

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