Webinar Review on IQ Retail errors in the Deliveries and Collections Module.


Feedback Article after attending a Webinar presented by an IQ Retail staff member on Delivery and Collection Errors.


1        Introduction: Delivery and Collection Webinar. 1

2        Presenter adeptness with the topic. 1

3        Conclusion: 2

4        Webinar Web reference: 2

1       Introduction: Delivery and Collection Webinar

This Webinar was required to assist IQ Retail dealers with fixing database errors caused by historical data update problems. The problem fields are (Qty) Quantity fields, specifically the Delivery Qty and Collection Qty fields and their influence on Sales Order Qty, Purchase Order Qty and Work in Progress Qty.

There are two parts to the fix, the first part is a simple one, to run the rebuild utility that recalculates all the fields based on the correct source data in the system. To avoid further corruption the second part of the fix requires manipulating the historical data to include a new field GENCODE in the relational tables for Invoice items, Credit Note items, Delivery and Collection items.

This is solved in the demonstration by using DBsys.exe to extract the data into Excel and then Excel to populate this unique identifier, enabling Credit Notes that are passed on historical Invoice data to update the Qty fields correctly.

2       Presenter adeptness with the topic.

The presenter is very thorough and explains the solutions in enough detail for the audience of dealer network participants. There are small errors that happen with the data in the presentation but he is clear about explaining why the errors happened and was able to fix the demonstration data errors quickly and then experienced enough to remind his audience of where he was prior to the digression.

During the actual webinar he handled questions efficiently, and was able to solve immediate queries without allowing the question to digress from the direction of his presentation.

It was a long session of one hour twenty-four minutes and yet he kept his audience’s attention by bringing in other problem points requiring similar solutions.

3       Conclusion:

The webinar was functional and to the point, I can now sort out the data errors of the Delivery and Collections module in the IQ Retail (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning System. The quiz at the end to prove understanding and attendance was welcome as the dealers that made the effort, received an extra 10 points in their rankings with the IQ Retail Company.

4       Webinar Web reference:


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