The digital difference.

The digital difference initially developed as availing products sold in brick and mortar stores on the internet, examples of which are Amazon and Alibaba, progressed to the selling of purely digital products and services such as Microsoft and Netflix, removing the need for a physical supply chain, warehouse storage and delivery logistics. These are the visible differences that we see on the internet as we make use of these firms products and services. There is, however, digital transformation that happens within the firm and its components, hidden from the direct view of customers and competitors. Digitally different firms, disruptors such as Uber to the Taxi industry or Netflix to Blockbuster, have created new business models, whole new business sectors.

VUCA Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous signifies the continually changing of the external business environment of the firm with consumers ever-changing needs and desires being satisfied by an internally resilient firm that dynamically reformulates its business model to handle these changes, is transparent and collaborates with customers. VUCA blurs the internal and external environment of the firm, requiring the involvement of stakeholders outside the firm to participate in the development of products and services inside the firm, innovation powered by the use of digital differentiation.

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