About us

A consultancy firm with a ‘people first’ approach.

Assisting you to become a data driven concern, enhancing your critical decision making abilities, through analytics.

Why Choose Us

Our ‘we put people first’ and ‘excited by technology’ is combined in our approach, novel ideas that we use in providing  you with a progressive solution to your strategic digital transformation. 

Define your Digital Maturity

Assessing your digital maturity as a first step to define the changes required for your firm to progress digitally. Define the 'where you are' to enable the strategic path to 'where you want to go', facilitated by easy to understand directions.


Who are your people, what data do you have or need to get, in order to improve your decisions. What processes, communications, software, hardware are integrated and functional and which are part of silos, legacy systems that are holding you back.

35 years of experience

We understand the need for and the resistance to digital change.
Legacy systems that have done 'the job' are difficult yet may be necessary to replace. We are with you, every step of the way.

Our Team of Professionals

Meet our experienced team, focused on using affordable digital technologies to transform your firm.

Network, Software and Hardware Systems specialist with over forty years of experience in effective installations and maintenance.

Computer Consultant, completed a Master of Science in Information Systems Management in the last year (MscISM with distinction)  focused on SME Digital Transformation.